15 PPM BILGE ALARM - Fellow Kogyo

According to the International Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution (MARPOL 73/78), on ship with a capacity of 400 GRT or more, a 15ppm bilge alarm must be installed, equipped with an alarm system with light and sound, and automatically stops waste whenever the oil content in the waste stream exceeds over 15ppm, and also operate automatically when the measurement function defected or damaged. Besides, the system is also equipped with an automatic discharge stop device that will ensure automatic shutdown of the system when the oil content in the wastewater exceeds 15ppm.

  • The 15ppm bilge alarm has advantages such as:

- Operating and maintenance costs is low due to not using the filter or reusable filter

- The system works reliably with high efficiency

- Simple exploitation because the system works completely automatically

- Small structure , light weight, high stability


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15ppm BILGE ALARM FOCAS-1800 - Fellow Kogyo


15ppm BILGE ALARM FOCAS-2000 - Fellow Kogyo


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