Fuel System

Fuel system used to supply fuel in accordance with the engine working mode

A fuel system consists of components such as:

  • Fuel filter: remove impurities from fuel such as water, dirt, ... There are 2 types of fuel filters: Fuel rough – Fuel fine
  • Fuel oil transfer pump is responsible for drawing fuel from the tank through the rough and fine filter to supply the high pressure pump
  • Fuel injection pump is responsible for supplying fuel with high pressure at the right time and flow in with the engine's working mode to the nozzle to spray into the engine cylinder.
  • The injector is responsible for spraying the fuel into the cylinder so that the process of forming gas takes place perfectly. Spraying process is decided by fuel pressure. Therefore, both fuel injection pump and injector must have special construction and high accuracy

Some engine failures stem from fuel system such as: The engine doesn’t start; fuel injection is poor; engine capacity is insufficient; engine is not working stability; engine exhausts white smoke; engine is overheated, etc…Some causes of these failures such as:

- Fuel injection valve or piston of fuel injection pump is stuck, broken spring or to get worn

- Fuel filter is dirty switched, air advanced in system

- Control rack and piston of fuel injection pump are jammed,

-  The injector is clung carbon black, nozzle are jammed and leaked fuel

- Adjusting the fuel injection pump is deflected, supplying fuel into the cylinders irregularly

- The injector spray poor, have water mix in the fuel

In order to the engine to operate continuously and ensure the capacity, it’s necessary to inspect, maintain, repair and replace periodically the components of the fuel system such as: clean strainer, filter; drain sludge the fuel tank and washing the fuel tank; drain air out of the system; Clean the nozzle often, adjust the fuel injector pump. In the case of injectors, nozzels or fuel injector pump that can not be repaired, they need to be replaced in accordance with engine specifications.



 Fuel injection pump



Plunger & barrel



Fuel injection valve














We have performed the maintenance and repair of fuel system parts for the vessels such as:

- Plating recovery DAIHATSU 5DK20 fuel injector pump set for M/V HARMONY SOURCE

- Repairing fuel injector pump of main engine for M/V VEGA STAR

- Maintenance of fuel injector pump assembly Yanmar 6LAAL-UTN for M/V VĨNH HƯNG,…







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