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Welcome to the website of Orient Technical Marine Co., Ltd!

First of all, Orient Technical Marine Co., Ltd dear best wishes, success and most sincere thanks to valued customer have always supported us during the past. Our website will be the most useful place to search, assist customers in searching for information spare parts, materials for vessel engine and our services.

With a new modern website is designed model that is easy to access in line with the diverse development of new applications today, we hope to bring you the most complete information about spare parts and technical services that we provide to customers.

Access to “Documents” at our website, the customers will find an information warehouse with specialized technical documentation and user instruction manual for the equipment collected by us and the manufacturers that we are authorized agent supply such as:

  • Portable tank gauging system MMC – USA, Tanktech – KOREA and Tanksystem of Honeywell
  • Oil vapor explosion protection device of crankcase main engine OMD MK6, MK7 of United technologies Graviner – UK, Oil vapor explosion protection device QMI – UK, Water Oil control device Felow Kyogo – Japan
  • Woodwards governor UG-8, PGA, 721, 753; Governor Diesel KIKI RHD6; Yanmar  Governor NZ61,  Regulature governor Europa v.v…
  • Turbocharger Mitsubishi: MET 33SC/SD; MET 42SC/SD; met 53SC/SD; MET MA; Turbocharger ABB: VTR; TPL; TPS v.v…
  • Popular diesel generators and main engines in Vietnam market such as: yanmar, Daihatsu, Caterpillar, Cummin, Hanshin, Mitsubishi, Mak, Man B&W…

In addition, our website will be the place to update and provide our customers with the latest information on maritime activities and offshore construction in the country and the world.  

We hope that our company’s website will bring you with lots of information necessary for your business activities as well as the commercial and service activities of Orient Technical Marine Co., Ltd 



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Director: Thi Thuy Huong Vu