Air Compressor

Air compressor system plays an important role in helping engine start-up. The compressor ha sthe role of supplying start air for other equipment, sucking air, filter air, cooling air, providing air to the air cylinder to start the engine. In case of the vessel having trouble starting, compressed air is the necessary method to use

Orient Technical Marine Co., Ltdspecializes in supplying all kinds of air compressor and sapre parts from famous manufactures in the world. Besides, genuine spare parts, we also have original equipment manufacture them made by Korean

Some of the manufacture and series of air compressor that we supply:

  • MATSUBARA: MH 108/111/114(A)/120(A)/130(A), MS 64A/70/75(A)/85(A)/92(A)
  • TANABE: HC 64/65A/264(A)/265(A)/275(A)/277(A), VAC475
  • YANMAR: SC 5N/7/10N/12.5N/15N/20N30N/40N/50N
  • SANWA: SC 80(H)/100(H)/115(H), SMC-5R/8/10/15, SKC-5B/8/10/15
  • HASEGAWA: HC 15/85/80H/100H/115
  • HANSHIN: NH-4/7
  • HATLAPA: W140, W220, W280




YANMAR Air Compressor


MATSUBARA Air Compressor - MH120A









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