Oil Purifier

Oil purifier is designed to filter, recover and recycle oils such as: hyhdraulic oil, lubricant oil…The modern method of the oil purifier allows longevity of oil to be extended by 5 times after removing impurities, dirt, oxidize substances, water vapor,..mixed in oil. In addition to the oil cleaning functions, the oil purifier also helps to reduce damage and wear of engines and equipment in the system to help save costs and protect the environment

There are many type of oil purifier with different sizes and structures that can be used in many different industries, especially mainly in the shipping, transportation, mining and other heavy industries

Orient Technical Marine Co., Ltd supplies purifier and purifier spare parts of the following manufacturer:

  • Mitsubishi:

The bowl of Mitsubishi purifier drum rotates at a high speed, causing a large centrifugal force

- Fuel purifier series: SJ10T, SJ11T, 15T, 16T, 20P, 25T, 25EH, 60EH

- Oil lubricant purifier: SJ-700/2000/4000/6000/8000



Oil purifier Mitsubishi seri SJ-G



Oil purifier Mitsubishi seri SJ-H



  • Alfa Laval:

The filter drum is controlled by an electric motor through a flat belt transmission and drum spindle. The motor drive with device adopts a friction coupling to prevent overload. The drum acts as the disc type and operates hydraulically for descaling. The hollow spindle facilitates the pump impeller to close the water line from inside the tank to the operating system for descaling

► Some series of Alfa Laval purifier: MAB 103/104/204/206/207, MAPX 204/205/207/210/213/309/313, MOPX 205~313

Orient Technical Marine Co., Ltd specializes in supplying oil purifiers and spare parts of Mitsubishi, Alfa Laval, ... the following partners:

- Supplying maintenance and repairing spare parts for LO SJ16T purifier for M/V Vinaship Pearl

- Supplying maintenance and repairing spare parts for LO SJ16T purifier for M/V My Hung

- Supplying maintenance and repairing spare parts for Alfalaval MOPX205 purifier for M/V My Thinh

- Supplying maintenance and repairing spare parts for SJ11T purifier for M/V Vega Star

- Supplying spare parts and equipment for the purifier ALFALAVAL FOPX 609 TFD-24 for the M/V PACIFIC EXPRESS

- Supplying spare parts for MITSUBISHI SJ10G / SJ20G filters (cap nut, heavy liquid chamber, bowl bush, pilot valve, oring, ...) for M/V GLORY OCEAN, MP STAR, ...







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