Quality Certification

Attention to the quality of spare psrts and service quality are the top criteria of our company

New parts supplied by our company will be accompanied by a Certificate of Quality issued by our company or by supplier and manufacturers 

Its customary for main parts to have a 6 to 12 months warranty depending on supplier and the specific parts:

- Piston and cylinder liner of main engine manufactured by our Korean partner are warranted for 12 months from the date of delivery, the service life is from 2-3 years depending on maintain goods and equipments of shipowner

- Other genuine parts are ususally warranted according to the manufacturer's policy 

Our guarantee rules are usually specified in the sales contract and the proposal quotation.

When the problems occurs with the new parts supplied by us, please ask the chief engine to write a breakdown report, after considering if the parts are damaged due to the quality of the material, we will request the manufacturer to replace for you and the costs of exchange are covered by us.

In order to avoid unnecessary disputes, customers request the chief to prepare detailed breakdown report with illustrations and opiniond of the Chief.

For equipment repair and maintenance services, we will guarantee the damage in the repair process due to the fault of our technical engineer.

We always want to satisfy customers with the quality of our parts and services.





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