15ppm Bilge alarm, Fellow Kogyo, Model FOCAS-1500C has been installed on board the ships since 1994, and satisfied the IMO Resolution MEPC. 60 (33), with the photometric colorimetric technology to determine the turbidity of oil mixed water after dual ultrasonic emulsification, to determine the oil content in bilge water, and arise the alarm signal if the oil content exceeds 15ppm.  



* Model: FOCAS-1500C

*  Brand: FELLOW KOGYO, Japan

* Measuring range: 0 - 30ppm (oil content in bilge water)

* Accuracy: +/- 5ppm @ 15ppm

* Applied: Resolution IMO MEPC. 60(33)

* Verification interval: 2 years

* Status: Obsolete 



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