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For a solar power system, the panels are the most important part to compose of the system. When customers need to invest in using home solar power system, there are actually a few problems that will confuse and really difficult to choose solar panel suited. What kind of solar panel? What brand? Origin of production? How much capacity?... is the most suitable for your family use.

With experience in implementing solar power projects since 2016 and researching the market and product quality, we can help advise customers on the list of sales charts of the top 10 solar panel brands in the world in 2019 (Source: pv-tech.org )



 Top Solar Panel Manufacturers in 2019

1 JinkoSolar China
2 JA Solar China
3 Trina Solar China
4 LONGi Solar China
5 Canadian Solar Canada
6 Hanwha Q-CELLS South Korea
7 Risen Energy China
8 GCL-SI Hong Kong
9 Talesun China
10 First Solar USA

*Source: pv-tech.org


According to this information, we can see that most of the leading panel brands in the world (7/10) are from China and also according to PV-tech, Jinko Solar is the world’s leading brand selected with the sales volume of 2019: 4.2GW (+25% compared to 2018). Jinko Solar is also a brand that consistently leads sales volume in 2016, 2017 and 2018

We have chosen Jinko Solar and are one of the few companies that have established commercial relations and contract with Jinko Solar. We are currently stocking and selling Jinko panels in the Vietnamese market with the best agent prices for our customers

We are direct supplier of Jinko Solar panels from manufacturer, including CO, CQ certificates

Currently we have stock available to supply customers with the latest panels with the best performance and capacity of Jinko: Type  JKM400M-72H-V; Absorption efficiency: 19.88%





Technical specification JINKO JKM400M-72H-V panel



On the market today, there are many different brands of panel, most of which are made in China, so please be carefulwhen choosing products for your project

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