Onecal Thermometer

Orient Technical Marine Co., Ltd supplies products from ENRAF TANKSYSTEM, SWITZERLAND for sale and after sale services of 3 mode gauging tapes (ullage, temperature, oil water interface) and cargo sampling tapes specially used on board the oil/ chemical product tankers, supplying spare parts such as vapor control valves, tape barrels, inert gas pressure gauge, sensors, tapes, mainborads, repairing, interval maintaining & calibration…

HERMETIC onecal thermometer used in marine is a digital display measuring device, high accurancy, used to measure the temperature of liquids stored in the bunkers, tanks in the zone 0 hazardous environment.



Cargo temperature measuring equipment in the cargo bunker:

- The probe, cable, display can be replaced easily, no special tools are needed

- Calibration is performed with just one ice point without having to send instrument to the laboratory for calibration, nor using a standard thermometer.

- The exquisite design of the housing help to wind the measuring cable easy, secure and safe

- By counting the number of turns, can be easily determined the length of the cable dropped in the tank: 1 round = 2 feet, 3 round = 2m

  • Technical Specification

- Range: -40oC to 163oC\

- Resolution optional: 0.1oC or 0.01oC

- Unit of measure: oC or oF

- Accurancy:

+ +/- 0.25oC (-40oC to -30oC)

+ +/- 0.1oC (-30oC to 100oC)

+ +/- 0.25oC (100oC to 163oC)

- Screen display: LCD, 8 characters

- Source: 9V battery

- Auto power off after 10 minutes (saves battery power)

- Sizes: L x B x H = 336 x 202 x 94 millimeter

- Type of temperature sensor: PT 100

-nLength of cable: 2meter/ 15.2 meter/ 22.8 meter/ 33.5 meter

- Material of cable:  Teflon FEP













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