Air Cooler

Cooler is also known as the exchange of heat (heating, cooling) between two solvents:

  • Liquid – liquid
  • Gas – gas
  • Liquid – gas

A cooler or condenser can also be called a heat exchanger, or cooler, heater, dryer (depending on the intended use. There the heat exchanging solvents (liquis, gas or vapor) are in direct tangency but through intermediate compartments or walls (made up of plates or tubes, jars, coils, etc,…)

From the structure of the compartments, the intermediate wall is devided into corresponding condenser types. There are following common types of condenser:

- Condenser in the form of wind cooling tanks

- Condenser in the form of a coil

- Condenser tube type

- Plate condenser

- Gas heat exchanger

Air Booster cooler is equipped to reduce the air temperature after through the turbine and before input the cylinder of a diesel engine. It is equipped with radiator fins on the heat transfer surface to compensate for the air’s relatively poor heat transfer properties. Solid tubes are drawn with a preferred smi-flat section. They are threaded through thin copper plates and bonded with a  solder for maximum heat transfer

The head tubes are fixed to the pipe plates by expansion and welding. Air cooling leads to a precipitate of moisture, which is removed by equipped dewater devices on the air outlet side. A direction change is used in air cooler to aid in water removal. Condensate water is removed by a drain connection below the breather






With experience in handling damaged coolings for shipowners for many years, we are the supplier, installer and design assistant to match the engine structure used for marine engine. Please contact our Orient Company to get support, design advice, and installation of suitable condenser with reasonable price. Some of our partners in recent years:

- Supplying and installing cooler Hanshin LH41 main engine, Model: CNS-120A for M/V HẢI LINH 01 (2012)

- Supplying cooler Hanshin LH41 for M/V TÂY ĐÔ STAR (2017)


The design M/E. HANSHIN 6LU40:

















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