MAN Energy Solutions has more than 75 years of experience in manufacturing turborcharger engine with block bearing and hot-air housings. The Turbocharger department is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of large exhaust gas turbochargers for low and medium speed diesel and gas engines, helping to significantly improve energy efficiency and fuels of all types of engines.

► Features:

  • High-strength bearing helps minimize mechanical losses and optimizes damping
  • Reduce noise and increase efficiency
  • Easily maintenance and repair
  • Compact and lightweight design, integrated with new functions
  • High Sulphur Fuel resistance (up to max. 3.5% sulfur in the fuel)
  • Low consumption (improved thermodynamic efficiencies allow extremely low energy consumption)
  • All materials have been designed for highly corrosive atmospheres

The series of MAN turbocharger: TCA, TCT, TCR, TCX,  NR/S, ETB




Orient Technical Marine Co., Ltd provides genuine spare parts or equivalent quality. We perform the installation, repair, regular maintenance, improve turbine efficiency for MAN B&W turbocharger. We have provided spare parts for the vessels such as:

- Supplying spare parts for NR12/S046 exhaust turbine of MAN B&W 6L16/24 main engine for M/V  TC SYMPHONY (2019)

- Supplying spare parts to repair, maintain for TCA66-40054 MAN B&W DIESEL main engine turbocharger for M/V VINALINES DIAMOND (2019),...






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