Marine pump

Pump is a hydraulic machine that get energy sources from the otside (mechanical energy, electric energy, hydropower,…) and transfers energy to the liquid flow, thereby bringing the liquid to a certain height and displacement. Pumps are divided into two main groups: dynamic pumps and displacement pump. It’s widely used range of industries, as well as in marine operations. Below the vessels, pump is used as a bilge pump, fresh water pump, ballast pump, fire pump, cooling pump….

Orient Technical Marine Co., Ltd provides new pumps suitable for the needs of use such as pressure, capacity, price, marker,…Besides, we also supply materials, spare parts for replacement, repair pump, repair service and periodical maintenance

► Some of the manufacture and series that we supply:

  • HEISHIN: HYL-5L, HYL-55M, M-5B, VSK-40G, VSK-75J, VSK-120N, VSK-150K, VSK-180J
  • NANIWA: FEV-180, FEV-100, FEV-125, FEV-200, FEWV-250, FEWV-300, AEIE-100-1D, BBH TYPE, ALG TYPE, FEV TYPE
  • SHINSHIN: NHGH-10, NHGH-5, HG-65, SCH40A,B
  • ISHI: 15-VCS-A, 150-VCS-BM, 16X16DVM, 200-2VCS-A-NV
  • TEIKOKU: HNP-301, 401, CFP-25, CR-505, EHC-201C, EHC-70B, EMCE, EMDE, EMDN TYPE


Two Rotor Screw Pump - TAIKO KIKAI
Centrifugal pump - NANIWA


Booster pump NHGH - SHINSHIN



Some of the customers that we have provided are:

- Supplying hydraulic pump B70-4L 4KLTT for M/V VINASHIP OCEAN (2014)

- Supplying cargo pump for petroleum barge (Model: 2LB2-400 - Jiangsu Hengye Ocean Engineering Technology, China)







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