Oil Mist Detector - GRAVINER

Crankcase in any diesel engine will contain a certain amount of oil mist, it is formed by condensation of oil vapor, the production of oil vapor is temperature dependent. Oil mist combined with ignition will lead to crankcase explosion. To eliminate potential hazards that could cause an explosion, oil mist detector has been produced, which is widely used on thousand of the vessels around the world

Orient Technical Marine is an authorized agent of UTC FIRE & SECURITY in providing equipment, spare part, installation, repair, system upgrade, set up working parameterfor the GRAVINER oil mist detector main engine in Viet Nam





GRAVINER Oil mist detector has been popular installed for ship main engines, especially MAN B&W engines, with the trading models MARK 6, MARK 7. It will monitor the oil mist level in the crankcase, arise the alarm as the oil mist content increases, and send the signal to slown down or shutdown the main engine to prevent the crankcase explosion, and protect the engine


  • Graviner OMD MARK 6:




The GRAVINER MARK6 OMD system is an analogue addressable oil mist detection system, capable of monitoring up to 64 detector heads fitted on up to 8 engines. Each detector head monitors a single crankspace. It is a stand-alone device and assigned a unique address. It gathers oil mist density data and converts it to a signal for the control unit




  • Graviner OMD MARK 7:

The GRAVINER MARK7 OMD system is an auto addressed oil mist detection system capable of monitoring up to 10 control units per system with each control unit having up to 10 detectors connected to it. This is achieved without external sample pipes and with minimum cabling. Each detector head monitors a single crank space and is a stand-alone device. On power up the detectors gather oil mist density data and convert it to a digital signal for transmission via the data lines in the detector cable to the control unit which is aslo mounted on the side of the engine. Alarm levels and alarm output requirements are all set from either the Remote Indicator Display or a PC connected directly to the control unit










Orient Technical Marine Co., Ltd has installed GRAVINER - UK oil mist detector for some partner such as: Vipco, Vinalines,...







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