Engine crank shaft

Cranshaft is an extremely important part of the engine, it is responsible for converting reciprocating motion of the Pistons into rotational motion of the diesel engine.

Some situations of common mechanical shaft damage, the customers should consult in process of operate of the engine:

1. Losing whole machine lubricant or parts lubrication, alarm system and oil pressure protection do not work: In these situations, it will lead to the phenomenon of tight and burning of bearing shaft, leading to scratched and erosion of crankshaft journal. If it is within the permissible range, can upgrade cos main journal and main bearing and reuse the crankshaft.

2. Bounded, breaking the engine body, this case is usually the result of several reasons:

- Overspeed: breaked, explosion bolt, stabbing into the body of the engine is broken body, curved bearing and shaft. Consequences of these situations need to replace the engine body, thrust bearing and crankshaft...

- Sprung out stud bolt: due to a broken bolts tightening screws: the consequences also lead to stabbing and damage to the engine body and crankshaft.

3. The erosion of main journal and main bearing exceed that limit allowed: due to the quality of lubricating oil main bearing, bearing… will also be the cause of the erosion of the crankshaft, excessive limits cannot be lowered anymore cos is also the cause to have to replace the new crankshaft

4. Cracked main journal and main bearing: these are caused by materials, the longevity of the shaft or the hidden disability caused by material fatigue


YANMAR 6N165L-EN Crankshaft installation for generator engine's Blue Star vessel - VOSCO 02/2020


►  To handle mechanical crankshaft when encountering situations and repair, troubleshooter mechanical problems, the customers should consult the following:

1. Check and determine exactly cause of the breakdown

2. Finding a replacement new crankshaft will be a not quite simple solution: Buying a new genuine crankshaft that is very expensive and delivery time from 3 to 6 months, will be very difficult for the operation of the vessel.

3. The secondhand crankshaft is a solution of choice because: low price and shorter delivery time , usually about 1 to 2 weeks. However, this solution have some matters deriving should be clarified: Is the crankshaft the right type? Is the technical status guaranteed? What is the warranty and replacement policy? All of this will be our advice and best support for our customers

4. The paperwork certification of the used crankshaft must satisfy the requirements of the registry.

5. The old vessels, over the age of 15 years, finding a new crankshaft will be very difficult because engine manufacturers have changed model engine and no longer produce parts.

With experience in handling mechanical shafts for main engines and especially generators , we are the supplier, installer and replacement of crankshaft of engine and generator for many Vietnamese ship owners such as: Vitaco, Vinaship, Vosco, VTB Bien Dong, Vinacomin, Vinaline shipping, Viship, Gemadept, PVT Hanoi etc ... from 2005 to present.

- Supply and installation of Yanmar S185DL-ST crankshaft for M/V MY THINH

- Supply and installation of Yanmar M200L-ST crankshaft for M/V VINALINES FORTUNA

- Supply of YANMAR 6N330-EN crankshaft for M/V VINACOMIN Cẩm Phả

- Supply of YANMAR 6N165L-EN crankshaft for M/V BLUE STAR

- Supply of YANMAR S165L crankshaft for M/V VENUS 09

- Supply and installation of YANMAR 6N165L-EN crankshaft for generator diesel for M/V BLUE STAR

- Supply and installation of DAIHATSU 6DLB19 crankshaft for M/V BMC CAROL,...

In case of breakdown with crankshaft, please contact us, we will consider and advise customers the best solutions to handle the problem






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