List of governor

Orient Technical Marine Co., Ltd provides repair services, after sale, maintenance period, spare parts replacement....for all types of hydraulic, electronic, digital governor that are currently installed with the diesel engine, steam turbine on board as well as in factories on famous brand in the world such as: Woodward - USA, Regulateurs Europa, Heinzmann - Germany; Kiki - Japan.

By equipped the speed teststand on display and setting the parameter manually (for the digital speed), the speed are all checked on the teststand before and after repair and maintenance to evaluate the specifications of the governor and the ability of the speed regulator to respond to the fuel rack rail according to the load of engine. Adjustment of the throttle valve opening, static error coefficient... is done on the governor teststand according to manufacturer's instructions. Therefore, the reliability of the repair and maintenance governor is improved, ensuring the working ability of the governor when working with the engine.






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