Regulature Governor was established as one of the first leaders in the field of crankshaft speed control over the past 40 years, with thousands of around the world. Regulature Governor with diverse design suitable for low-speed, mid-speed and high-speed engine. The intensifier can provide information to the required minium starting gas consumption

Orient Technical Marine Co., Ltd provides all kinds of governor, replacement materials, repair and periodical maintenance of the following REGULATURE series:

  • Hydraulic governors: 1100-4G, 1115-4G, 1800-2G, 1500-3G, 2100
  • Electro – Hydraulic governors: DG 2800.14
  • Digital governors: Viking 35, XIOS UC1, DC 6-200, DC 8

► Features:

- Proven design

- Special two-stage mechanism for the best possible control on pumps with high thrust

- One module with 5 different work outputs all within the same frame size

- Numerous speed setting options

- Output shaft either side














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