IHI Turbocharger

Nowaday, turbochargers are widely used on large engines to increase engine efficiency, while reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

To satisfy demand of the engine industry increasing, many turbine manufacturers were also establish. With innovative technology, compact design, suitable for operating conditions, quick and easy replacement of spare parts, many manufacturers such as KBB, Holset, Garret, CAT, Napier also quickly resonated on the world market.

Orient Technical Marine Co., Ltd provides genuine spare parts or equivalent quality

  • The series of KBB turbocharger: K2B, ST27, HPR, M40
  • The series of Holset turbocharger: H1C, H1E, H2C, H2D, H2E, HX30, HX35, HX40, HX50,…
  • The series of Napier turbocharger: NA295, NA297, NA307, NA357, NA397,…


















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